Sunday, February 13, 2011

My new UI...

Vudu's UI
Right click "Save as" and just put the folders in your addon folder for WoW.

I will get into the customization and other addons used in a bit but for now, expiriment, see how you like it.

For more information or help please visit.

You will find detailed information on the site that can possibly fit your classes needs better.

That is all!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just a bit of bragging...

Since the slowed pace of Cataclysm has recently set upon us, I have moved away from my audio blog style but have no fear audio blogging will be back.

I really just wanted to do a bit of bragging this week with a bit of my PVP accolades as seen below...

I made the switch full time to kitty after a long night of balance PvP attempts. My current spec is working wonders. After doing a bit of testing I may or may not write up a Feral PvP guide.

I also wanted to show you my first attempt at a WoW video, nothing special just a BH run with the guild before going to BwD. At the time I was playing Boomkin.

That's all for now!